Empower your Salesforce users by providing them with up to date, contextual information, precisely when and where they need it.

Improved Apps is a UK-based software product company that offers the most flexible and secure solution for Salesforce engagement to meet the digital adoption goals of Salesforce users.

TechWize proudly serves as an official sales partner for Improved Apps, providing direct access to their innovative Salesforce adoption solutions.

Improved Apps is a specialist in driving Salesforce adoption, complementing TechWize's proficiency in comprehensive Salesforce implementation, ensuring optimum utilization of Salesforce products.

Salesforce adoption helps you deliver your content, regardless of its current location, to the right user at the right time, embedded within your Salesforce Org.

improved apps and techwize

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TechWize and Improved Apps: Global Reach, Supercharged Salesforce Adoption

By partnering with Improved Apps, a leading UK-based Salesforce adoption specialist, TechWize extends the reach of their innovative solutions to a global audience. This powerful combination ensures organizations worldwide can unlock the full potential of their Salesforce investment, regardless of location.

TechWize's global presence, with teams in the USA, UK, and India, provides you with integration of Improved Apps into your Salesforce Org, worldwide. With TechWize and Improved Apps, you get a comprehensive Salesforce adoption solution with a global reach. Contact us today to unlock the true value of Salesforce for your users, no matter where they are.

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